Wedding Party

Rachel Brown

Maid of Honor

Emily and Rachel have known each other for... their whole lives. When Emily was brought home from the hospital as a baby, Rachel greeted her by sticking a plunger on Emily's head. Needless to say, they get along much better now.

Anna Gerling


Anna and Emily became fast friends during Bid Day at the City Museum. They bonded while hiding in a cave next to what seemed like the only air conditioning event around. Anyone who visited their dorm room or apartment knows that Emily and Anna aren't the cleanest, but they always had a good time and lots of laughs.

Kimberly Brunk


Kim and Emily have been friends since college (including that fateful summer cleaning dorm rooms) and have spent many days playing with their dogs and nights drinking wine together. Emily was fortunate enough to be in Kim's wedding and can't wait for Kim to stand by her side in October!

Hillary Ravellette


Emily and Hillary met at work in January 2014, but became friends later that summer when traveling to Murray, Kentucky together for work. Hillary and Emily also wake up early *most* mornings to work out together and get in a daily dose of talking about work.

Rachel Zakelj


Rachel and Emily became friends after she started dating her husband Mike. They quickly became friends and on weekends you can often find Ben, Emily, Mike, and Rachel getting a drink together or getting their dogs together for a play date.

Annamarie Kraft


Emily and Annamarie met freshman year at SLU through their sorority and became instant friends. Annamarie is the most nurturing person and someone Emily can always go to for help or just to chat about life.

Isabella Kruse


Isabella is Ben's neice, goddaughter, and the sweetest girl. She loves Disney, dogs, and all things pink and glittery. Ben and Emily are so excited to have her be a part of their big day!

Nicholas Kruse

Best Man

Nick has been one of the best friends and bosses Ben could have ever wished for. Ben’s older brother has always been a strong mentor and a role model that has helped Ben to become the person he his today. Ben does not have the words to describe how much his love from and for his brother means to him. Ben knows he can always call his oldest brother when he needs help. Even if that means being picked up from a downtown police station.

Anthony Kruse

Best Man

Tony has been one of Ben’s best friends for as long as he can remember. Being just 2.5 years older the two brothers have shared almost every major milestone a person can together. Ben does not have the words to describe how much his love from and for his brother means to him. Ben knows he can always count on his brother being there for him. Even if that leads to them to end up in some authorities’ custody.

James Meiners


** See Chad below**
*Except they had a different gym class
Jimmy then followed Ben to join Beta Theta Pi his sophomore year and chose Ben's brother Tony as pledge father which Ben is still bitter about. Love you, Jimmy!

Nick Luria


Nick was one of Ben's five pledge brothers their freshman year at SLU. Neither of them particularly cared for each other throughout their pledgeship, however, after bonding at the KAI camping trip, both put aside their old perceptions and would form a bond that's back could not be broken and will last a lifetime.

Michael Zakelj


Ben met Mike when he rushed Beta Theta Pi when Ben was a Sophomore. Mike stood out as a person of strong character. When Mike and Ben had the same public speaking class, that feeling grew exponentially. Mike had every opportunity to shame Ben for those atrocious "speeches" but would continue to interact with Ben in public. Their friendship is one that Ben truly treasures.

Chad Guempel


Chad was one of the first friends Ben made in high school at DeSmet. They played waterpolo and had gym class together freshman year. During those practices and classes, Chad, who is very social, made a real effort to get to know Ben, who is not. Chad was instrumental in getting Ben to break out of his shell, and even made sure they had dates to school dances. Since then, Chad has been one of Ben's closest friends.

Jacob McKanry


Jake is Emily's brother. When Ben first met Jake, he threatened him with bodily harm if he ever broke his sister's heart. Ben has never forgotten that warning and tries every day to live up to Jake's high expectations to be the partner that Emily deserves.
Alethea and Ruth